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Truck Accidents (Old save)

Every single day people are seriously injured or killed in crashes involving big trucks and other large commercial vehicles. The extra size and weight of a truck can generate a force that can lead to far more catastrophic collisions than with an automobile.

Causes of Tractor-Trailer Crashes

The number one cause of tractor-trailer and large vehicle crashes? Truck driver fatigue. A huge issue, 2003 saw the introduction of federal regulations that restrict the number of hours a truck driver can operate a vehicle. New laws have led to a massive reduction in accidents, but driver fatigue is still the cause of up to 40% of all trucking accident*.

*Source: NHTSA, State of Florida

Other Causes

  • Scheduling overload imposed on drivers can encourage speeding and breaking other laws
  • Drivers with a history of accidents and traffic violations that have not had their commercial licenses suspended or revoked
  • Alcohol intoxication, and prescription or illegal drug use
  • Road rage and other aggressive driving
  • Failing to drive safely in hazardous conditions (e.g., snow, black ice, fog, etc.)
  • Poor maintenance of important safety components of tractor-trailers such as tires and brakes and inadequate repair work
  • Load exceeds truck’s weight limit or is balanced incorrectly
  • Lack of driver training

Crashes Involving Trucks: Statistical Analysis

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducts studies every year to provide statistical analysis regarding traffic crashes in the United States
  • On average about 4,000 deaths from truck crashes every year in the United States
  • Over 70,000 injuries were reported
  • In Florida, an average of 300 Floridians killed each year
  • Over 3000 Floridians seriously injured every year

*Source: NHTSA, State of Florida

Truck Accident Lawyer in Florida

Ahava Law Group is ready to educate you on your rights after an accident. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and suffering, and we can help you to obtain what you deserve. We have experience in truck accident investigation, and we are prepared to take on your case.

We promise to provide you with excellent legal representation.  Not only will we protect your rights, but we will fight aggressively for you. We will help you obtain all that you deserve after having suffered through the aftermath of the crash.

Experienced Lawyer – Truck Accidents

At Ahava Law Group we provide aggressive representation to clients throughout the state of Florida who have been injured in truck crashes.  We are very experienced and understand that trucking cases can be much more complex than simpler automobile collision cases or other types of personal injuries. For example, there are highly technical state and federal regulations applicable to trucks and commercial vehicles. These regulations frequently do not apply to personal auto incidents but these regulations can form a legal basis for liability in truck accident cases.

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