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Surgical Errors (Old save)

Surgical errors are widespread

Surgical errors are widespread, and include in-patient and out-patient procedures. As many as forty wrong-site surgeries occur per week in the United States and the number of other surgical errors is much larger. The impact of a surgical error can be devastating: serious injury, infection, unnecessary amputation, and even death can result.

Surgical errors include

  • Laparoscopic procedure errors
  • Technical incompetence
  • Heightened complications due to prolonged anesthesia
  • Wrong-site errors (incorrect limbs)
  • Wrong-patient errors
  • Misinterpretation of x-rays and MRIs
  • Medication errors during surgery
  • Failure to retrieve surgical implements from surgery site
  • Errors during intraoperative care
  • Errors during preoperative care
  • Errors during postoperative care

31% of surgical malpractice cases, errors occurred

A recent study showed that in 31% of surgical malpractice cases, errors occurred in multiple phases of care, and in 62% of cases, more than one clinician was implicated in surgical errors. Surgical errors are linked to technical incompetence, inexperience, lack of knowledge, communication breakdowns, lack of hospital systems and management, fatigue, patient-related factors, multiple personnel, and even the time of day.

If you believe you have suffered due to a surgical mistake or a misinterpretation of an x-ray or MRI, you can file a surgical malpractice claim by proving a doctor-patient relationship, and showing a direct relationship between a doctor/medical team’s mistake and your suffering. ‘

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