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Product Liability Lawyer (Save old)

Have you been injured or impaired as a result of a product defect?

You might have a right to damages to cover your extensive expenses, lost wages, medical treatments, and emotional suffering.

Defects can happen in the manufacturing process, in the design process, or as result of failing to warn consumers of any risks involved in using a product.
Asbestos defects are probably the most well-known of product liability cases, though risk exists in all consumer products.

At Ahava Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in product liability, as long-standing representatives of both individual and class-action cases, serves to represent you with an absolute commitment to high quality legal representation. If you, or your loved one, have been injured after using a product, contact us for a full appraisal of your rights.

From the second we begin building your case, to the outcome of the trial, we work painstakingly through the details and with the tenacity it takes to win!

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