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Pharmaceutical Injuries and Drug Recalls (Old save)

Every year, hundreds of new drugs enter the market

All of which should have been through rigorous clinical trials and the FDA approval process.  Despite their benefits, many drugs come with dangerous side-effects, some of which are not fully appreciated until the drug hits the mass market.

Pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune

Pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune on research and development, and as a result, have produced life-saving drugs for which we can all be thankful.  The scale of investment involved also raises questions about pharmaceutical companies meeting their ethical duty to pull a drug from the development or approval process, or the market, when they discover safety concerns.

If a person is injured or even dies as a result of taking a drug, we believe they deserve legal representation to obtain compensation and justice, particularly if a pharmaceutical company is proved to have been aware of negative side-effects and consequently not advised health providers, and the public.

Drug recall

At times, the Food and Drug Administration will recall a drug that has caused harm.  If you have been injured or a loved one has died after following direct dosage instructions of an FDA recalled drug, you are well within your rights to be compensated for your suffering.  Visit the FDA website for a list of all drug recalls.

Always seek the guidance of an experienced pharmaceutical recall and drug recall attorney when pursuing a case against a pharmaceutical company.  Ahava Law Group has been practicing for some fourteen years and believes that if you are injured by the negligence of a pharmaceutical company, that you deserve to be compensated for your pain, suffering, medical costs, and loss of earnings.  Call today for a free consultation from a knowledgeable attorney.

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