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Moving? Make Sure You Have Moving Truck Insurance!

With the start of the fall semester at colleges and universities throughout the country, millions of students and parents are traveling to unfamiliar areas in rented moving trucks – and in many cases, they have declined insurance on those trucks.


Some of those making the trek to their new school may not know the truck’s height or notice posted signs warning drivers of vehicle height restrictions on a particular roadway.  In the Boston, Massachusetts area, for example, an average of two trucks get stuck each year under a low-clearance overpass or bridge.  As a result, the driver, passenger, and possibly others suffer personal injuries and costly property damage, both to the truck and the bridge.

In addition to researching low-clearance areas and truck height restrictions when planning your route, it is also extremely important to buy insurance coverage for your moving truck, especially if traveling out of town to a new area. Otherwise, you could face paying thousands of dollars for truck and bridge repairs out of your own pocket (in addition to fines).

For more information on personal injuries and property damage following an automobile accident or other kind of motor vehicle accident, call the Brandon and St. Petersburg, Florida attorneys at Ahava Law Group for a free consultation.

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