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Medical Malpractice – Emergency Room (Old save)

Emergency rooms are extremely chaotic. Emergency room mistakes are highly probable because of this and unless a patient is transferred to a hospital room, some conditions may be overlooked. As a result, trauma surgeons are given more leeway when it comes to malpractice suits.

Prove a relationship

As with most other medical malpractice suits, to prosecute an emergency care physician you must prove a relationship with them, a breech in patient care and how that breech adversely affected you and led to undue suffering. Proof of relationship can be proven by a doctor’s signature on your chart, but if multiple physicians treated you during your time in hospital, any one doctor may or may not be liable.

Emergency medicine

In emergency medicine, you will always receive less directed attention than at a specialist or regular doctor. However, if a doctor’s error causes injury, death, or undue financial issues, you may have a legitimate claim.

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